How to Install WordPress Manually Using cPanel

There are two ways to install WordPress: One-click installation and manual installation.
Some web hostings don’t provide the one-click installation, so you have to do it manually.

1 – Go to cPanel

cPanel is the software that allows website owners to manage their websites.
You can find your cPanel URL, Username and Password inside the email sent by your web hosting, or you can log in to cPanel directly from your web hosting dashboard.

Go to cPanel

2 – Create a database and a username

A database is the location where you are going to save your posts/articles and settings.
On the cPanel dashboard, find the Databases section and click on MySQL Database Wizard.
Under Create A Database you will see a prefix and a white field.
In that white field enter the name of your database and click the next step.
Enter a username and a password for your database and click next step.
After that, you will be asked to assign privileges to the user.
Check the All Privileges checkbox to select everything and click the next step.
Your database is now ready.

databases section

create database

create user

assign privileges

3 – Download and upload WordPress

Go to the official WordPress website and download WordPress:
Go back to the cPanel dashboard and under the Files section click on File Manager then open the public_html folder.
public_html is the folder that contains all your website files.
Click on Upload to upload WordPress.
After the upload finishes go back to public_html, right-click on the zip file and extract it.
You will see a new folder called WordPress, open it, click select all to select all the files and then click move to move all the files to public_html.
Change the path from /public_html/wordpress to /public_html/ then click Move Files.
We need to move the WordPress files from the WordPress folder to the public_html folder because if we keep them there WordPress will be installed in that folder and that means if you want to view your website you have to go to instead of

download wordpress

files section

public html



move files

4 – Install WordPress

To start the installation just go to the homepage of your website where you will see the setup page.
First, choose the language of your website then click continue.
Next, enter your database name, username, and password and keep the hostname and the prefix as they are, then click submit and run the installation.
On the next page, enter your website title and create a username and a password to login to your WordPress dashboard, add your email address and do not check the search engine visibility box then click Install WordPress.
Your WordPress website is now ready, enter your username and password to login to the admin area.

setup page