How to Add a New User to Your WordPress Website

WordPress comes with a lot of powerful features that can help you with your work.
One of the best of these features is the ability to add users to your website and assign a role to each one of them.
For example, you can add a user and assign the administrator role to him/her to help you manage the website (install plugins, customize themes, publish posts, etc), or you can add a user and assign the contributor role to him/her just to create posts.

Users in users section

Adding users to your website is very easy:
On the left side menu, click on Users then Add New.
On the Add New User page, enter the information for the new user:

Add new user page

• Enter a username and a valid email address. The username will be used to login to the admin area.
• First Name, Last Name, and Website are optional fields, so you are free whether you want to fill them in or not.
• Next, create a password for the new user. Click on Show password and type a password, or just use the one generated by WordPress.
The new user can also set the password by him/herself (once you complete adding a new user, the new user will receive an email that includes a link to set the password).
So, here you have two choices, create the password or use the one generated by WordPress and then send it to the user in a message or an email, or let the user set the password by him/herself.
• Keep the Send User Notification checked in order for the new user to receive an email about his/her account.
• Now, select a role for the new user. There are 5 roles to choose from:
Subscriber: Can only create a profile.
Contributor: Can create posts but cannot publish them.
Author: Can create and publish only his/her posts.
Editor: Can create and publish posts, including other users’ posts.
Administrator: Can manage everything on a website: create posts, install plugins, customize themes, etc.
• Finally, click Add New User and you’re all set! The new user can now login to your website with his/her username and password.